Comprehensive Ranking System

Canada with the launch of its new Express Entry system has revealed the details in regard to the comprehensive ranking system that will be ranking the applicants on the basis of their eligibility in one of the three economic immigration programs.

Under the comprehensive ranking system, there are up to 1200 points, where

  • 500 points are awarded for the core human capital aspects
  • Up to 100 points are awarded for skill transferability factors
  • 600 points will be given to the candidate in case of an arranged employment or nomination certificate from any province of Canada

The distribution of points under the above mentioned categories is described below:

Core human capital

  • Up to 500 points are offered to the candidate with core human factors, that includes, age, level of education, language ability, and work experience.
  • In case the candidate is accompanied by a spouse or common-law partner, then up to 460 points will be awarded of the principal applicant and 40 points will be available for the accompanying spouse or common-law partner’s age, level of education, language ability, and work experience.

The segmentation of scores under the Core human capital is listed as follows.

  • For a candidate with age between 20 to 29 will be awarded 100 points.

Note: the candidates with age less than 18 and more than 44 will not be awarded any points.

  • For education 140 points are awarded to the candidate.

Note: additional 10 points are given in case of spouse or common-law partner’s education.

  • 128 points are given for language ability (either English or French), with 32 points in each speaking, writing, listening and reading, respectively. In case of the spouse or common law partner the candidate gets 32 points, with additional 5 points for speaking, writing, listening and reading, respectively.
  • Up to 22 points are being awarded for second language ability (either English or French), with 6 points each in terms of speaking, writing, listening and reading, respectively.
  • For work experience of the candidate is given up to 70 points. In case of skilled occupation experience of the spouse or common-law partner in Canada, additional 10 points are being given.
Skill transferability

The point distribution of 500 under the skill transferability factor is awarded in any one of the five combinations that includes:

  • Education and language ability
  • Education and Canadian work experience
  • Language ability and non-Canadian work experience
  • Canadian and non-Canadian work experience
  • Certificate of qualification in a trade and language ability

For more information in regard to the eligibility criteria and the comprehensive ranking system, you can get in touch with Express Entry Canada. It is a page by Immigration Overseas that offers all the information in regard to this new electronic application system of Canada. Express Entry Canada will even let you navigate through the rules and regulations of this program, offering eased online visa services without much hassle.

CIC introduced 26th Express Entry the 3rd Draw in 2016s

The Citizenship and Immigration Canada announced the 26th Express Entry Draw with a total of 1460 invitations issued with a minimum cutoff score of 457 points.

CIC issued an Invitation to 1,518 Candidates for Permanent Resident

The second and the 25th Express Entry draw of the New Year 2016 was conducted on 13th January 2016 by Citizenship and Immigration.

1,463 invitation to apply for Permanent Resident

Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) on 6th January 2016, conducted the 24th Express Entry Draw.

Express Entry 23rd Draw by CIC

Citizenship and Immigration Canada rolled a red carpet for the candidates who were issued Permanent Residency Canada.

CIC Released 22nd Draw Express Entry

On 4th December, 2015, the Citizenship and Immigration Canada conducted the 22nd rounds of invitations under the Express Entry System, for a total of 1451 applicants for Permanent Residency Canada.

The 21st Express Entry Draw by CIC

The Express Entry 21st draw was announced on 27th November, 2015 by Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

News-Express Entry 20th Draw

The 20th Draw Express Entry was announced by CIC on 13th November, 2015. The announcement of this draw brought joy to the aspirants who had applied and were anxiously waiting to know the results of the draw.

19th draw express entry

Citizenship and Immigration Canada on 23 of October 2015, announced the results of 19th Draw Express Entry to the candidates who had applied for Permanent Residence.

18th draw express entry

In the 18th draw of Express Entry which was announced 2nd October 2015, by the Citizenship and Immigration Canada to invite to apply for the Permanent Resident Visa.

Express Entry 17th Draw

The Citizenship and Immigration Canada announced the 17th draw Express Entry on 18th September, 2015.

Express Entry 16th Draw

Citizenship and Immigration Canada on 8th September 2015, issued the Invitations To Apply to the selected candidates for a Permanent Residency Visa in Canada.

News-Express Entry 15th draw

The Citizenship and Immigration Canada announced the 15th Express Entry draw on 21st August and brought much relief to the awaited results to many.

Express Entry 14th Draw

The 14th draw of Express Entry Canada was presented on 7th August 2015 by the Citizenship and Immigration of Canada for the candidates in accordance with the permanent residence in Canada.

13th Express Entry draw held

Citizenship and Immigration Canada introduced 13th draw express entry inviting 1,581 candidates to apply for Permanent residence.

12th Express Entry draw held

Express Entry Program was announced on 1st December 2014 until now eleven draws have taken place since its inception on 31st January 2015. The 12th draw invitations issued from 10th July 2015.

11th Express Entry draw held

The skilled applicants with cross fingered waited for the 11th draw Express Entry to be introduced.

10th Express Entry draw held

On 12th June 2015, Citizenship and Immigration Canada conducted the tenth Express Entry draw, handing over a total of 1,501 Invitation To Apply for Canadian permanent residence.

9th Express Entry draw held

Citizenship and Immigration Canada has conducted the Ninth draw of Express Entry on 23rd May, 2015 handing ITAs 1,361 applicant.

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